We marked our 10-year anniversary with our first ever open day – a big event celebrated with partner firms, customers, government agencies and friends.


With a staff of 96 employees, what was originally a one-man operation was converted into Gilgen AG on 1 January 1973. The first automatic sliding door was built.


The first sole representation agreement was signed for Germany in 1976 with the company Schüco. The company’s well-developed sales structure meant we were able to gain a foothold on the German market straight away.


In 1979, we established Gilgen GmbH in Darmstadt to better serve the German market. With our high-quality drive systems for folding shutters and large gates, we were able to penetrate the corners of the market and establish our reputation with German door and gate manufacturers – with hangar doors at Frankfurt airport, for instance.


In May 1981, we inaugurated our new building in Schwarzenburg. By this time, there was no halting the company’s upward trajectory. We more than doubled our turnover compared with 1973 and the Gilgen family carried on growing, reaching 265 employees. We were also active on an international level and engaged various retail agents and representatives. In addition to our presence in Germany, we were now also represented in the Netherlands and England with our own distribution channels.